About R&D

EHP R&D center was established in 2006 and has been growing ever since. The R&D center was certified as Zhejiang provincial high-tech R&D center in 2014, and as Zhejiang provincial enterprise research institute in 2017. The center follows the principle of "Research and Development as foundation, Product Quality focused, Talents as core competitiveness”, develops new products with independent intellectual property rights, and provides customized R&D service with high respect for intellectual property rights.

EHP R&D center consists of five supporting departments: Synthetic process R&D department, Analysis R&D department, Quality research department, document management department and Pilot plant. The center adopts 6S lean and visual laboratory management mode and flat R&D innovation mode with series products running in parallel, at the same time enhances pilot scale-up capability and management.

The R&D center now has more than 60 staff, and the core R&D management team has more than 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, of which 60% have master's degree or above. Staff academic background cover organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical engineering, chemical technology and other pharmaceutical related fields.

The R&D central has a total construction area of 5000m2. There are 3 chemical synthesis laboratories, 2 kilogram level laboratories, 3 instrument analysis laboratories, 1 Physical and chemical analysis laboratory, 1 stability research laboratory and 1 pilot plant.

The center has internationally advanced facilities and equipment for the research of APIs and intermediates, including LC-MS, GC-MS, UPLC, rapid preparation chromatography, GC, DSC differential thermal analyzer, UV spectrophotometer, Olympus microscope, Nicole infrared spectrometer etc. and advanced supporting analysis software such as empower 3, labsolution, OpenLab etc.


Synthetic capability:

Alkylation reaction

Azide reaction

Chiral synthesis

Column chromatography

Cyclization reaction

Diazotization reaction


Friedel Crafts reaction

High pressure reaction

Hydrogenation reaction

Nitration reaction

Chiral resolution

Oxidation reaction

Amination reaction

Acylation reaction

Chlorosulfonation reaction

Condensation reaction

Cycloaddition reaction

Decarboxylation reaction

Epoxidation reaction

Halogenation reaction

Homogeneous catalysis

Hydrolysis reaction

Organometallic reaction

Reduction reaction

Substitution reaction









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