Exhaust emissions are monitored online

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Exhaust emissions are monitored online

According to the requirements of Shaoxing Ecology and Environment Bureau, EHP, as the first batch of listed enterprises in the pharmaceutical industry to install RTO exhaust gas online monitoring system, actively cooperated with the work of installation of the RTO exhaust gas online monitoring device in place by the end of September 2019, and implemented the RTO exhaust gas emission information online monitoring in the middle of December. Exhaust gas monitoring indicators include non-methane hydrocarbon (NMHC), oxygen content, humidity, temperature, flow rate and other information.

The operation of on-line monitoring system of exhaust gas is another progress in environmental protection monitoring after on-line monitoring of waste water, which enables the company to better observe the status of exhaust gas emission, and it is also more convenient for the Ecological Environment Bureau to supervise the exhaust gas emissions.

In the next step, EHP will continue to entrust a qualified third-party operation and maintenance company to regularly maintain the online monitoring system to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the monitoring data, as well as strengthen the daily maintenance of RTO equipment to ensure the emission of exhaust gas meeting the discharge limits steadily, makes a contribution to the Blue Sky Protection of Shaoxing.

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