Huadong medicine eighth employees (interest) games

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In September 13th, eighth employees in Huadong medicine (interest) games held successfully in the north of the city of Hangzhou sports center. Group under the 31 units, more than 1000 employees, a subsidiary of take part in this sports meeting.
The fun and games set up 8 big projects, including "one minute skip rope", "one minute shooting", "stand on solid ground", "touch stone across the river", "slow ride bicycle" five individual interest project, at the same time, set up a "make concerted efforts", "leap forward", "create East" three team project.
Exercise will focus on the "I participate, my health, my happiness" this one theme, orderly in unity, forge ahead in the competition, the competition arrangement reflects the interest, entertainment, popularity, fitness. The athletes display one's skill to the full in the game, experience joy of participation in activities, we match style, race out of the spirit, become the playground a beautiful scenery line.
The sports meeting is to highlight the enterprise cohesion and centripetal force, establish a corporate image, promote an effective carrier of employee cognition. In recent years, East China Pharmaceutical Trade Unions actively carried out all kinds of cultural activities, and pay attention to enterprise culture propaganda, through the efforts of all kinds of activities to build cooperation, unity, harmony, ahead of the East "big family".

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