Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) policy


True to our values, our code of ethics and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, concerning the principles related to people and environmental protection, our commitment is demonstrated through the following principles:


§ Develop our activities with respect for people and the environment.


§ Consider risks and environmental impacts across the whole life cycle of our products and processes, using the best available practices and technologies to preserve the biodiversity and to prevent pollution, accidents, incidents and occupational diseases.


§ Inform, train and educate our collaborators to work in compliance with good safety, environmental and health practices to promote their welfare.


§ Foster and extend this EHS Policy to our suppliers, outsourcers and other external collaborators.


§ Collaborate with administrations, clients, public entities and other stakeholders involved in environmental, safety and health activities.


§ Communicate and report our EHS results in a transparent manner meeting the expectations and needs of interest groups.


§ Comply with current legislation and the requirements arising from other commitments made.


§ Promote initiatives related to climate change mitigation and adaptation.


§ Promote changes that improve health, welfare, safety and environmental protection in all the countries where we work.


§ Drive continuous improvement of the EHS Management Systems.


§ Review this policy periodically, communicate it to our collaborators, and maintain its availability to stakeholders.


§ Provide all human and material resources required to ensure compliance with these principles. 




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