Esteve Huayi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (EHP) is a joint venture between the Spanish Esteve Group and the Chinese Huadong Medicine Group.

Esteve Huayi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is an industrial platform in China from which to supply the most demanding APIs markets (USA, EU, Japan) as well as the growing Chinese domestic market. It specializes in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of APIs and high-value added advanced intermediates as well as offering good opportunities for custom synthesis and toll manufacture projects using its state-of-the-art facilities with a wide range from cGMP-compliance kilo lab to commercial production, expertise in a variety of reaction types and a highly-qualified professional team.

A team of 200 professionals is the heart and soul of our activity. Esteve Huayi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd currently has a total reaction volume of around 200 m³ and is expected to reach around 600m³ in the coming years.

Our mission:

To contribute to health by way of close collaboration with the international pharmaceutical industry.

Our commitments: 5 pillars with added value

Each of the following five pillars -R&D, state-of-the art facilities, international vision, client-driven approach, and quality, labor protection & environmental safety- describes the added value offered to our clients.

1. R&D

A team of professionals is exclusively dedicated to develop innovating processes for the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients. The development of new processes generates new industrial property while strictly respecting the industrial property rights of third parties.

2. State-of-the art facilities

Intensive capital investments in industrial assets have resulted in state-of-the-art facilities.

3. International vision

As being part of an international Group, EHP aims to guarantee supply to the international clients as well as the growing Chinese domestic market needs.

4. Client-driven approach

We are fully client-oriented. We adapt to meet the particular needs of every client.

5. Committed to quality, safety and environmental protection

All under strict compliance with the most demanding quality standards of national and international bodies (FDA, SFDA, EMEA...). The safety of our collaborators and environmental protection are priority targets.

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